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Lawn Turfing in Dukinfield

best value lawn turfNow and again you just have to say, enough is enough and no matter how hard you try, your lawn just no longer responds to your efforts and you require a professional for lawn turfing in Dukinfield, S&N Home and Garden Maintenance are that professional!

Perhaps the weeds are out of control, the lawn is patchy where the children have been on their garden swing, the builders may have finished their work. Whatever the reason – for you enough is enough and you require a new lawn.

Whether you decide you need the whole lawn re-turfed or just areas of it, S&N Home and Garden Maintenance can recommend the best strategy for a lawn turf service.

We work with residential and commercial customers in Dukinfield, Hyde & Denton.


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Our lawn turfing service in Dukinfield includes:

  • Site Clearance – we clear any existing grass and garden waste from the area which is to be re turfed
  • Soil Preparation – we rotavate or dig through, loosen and flatten the soil bed for a good ‘take’ add top soil
  • Laying – we supply the highest quality garden turf at a competitive price
  • Edging – flower beds can be cut out of the recently turfed area
  • Watering – to help the turf get established
  • Lawn Cutting – After about 4 weeks your new lawn is likely to be ready for its first cut



There’s 2 types of turfing available:

New Lawns
For a new home or after builders have completed a renovation or where no grass has exisited before. The ground to be turfed needs preparing, and leveling.

When an old lawn wants replacing, or areas of the lawn should be replaced, the old grass will need to be dug out before the ground can be prepared and leveled.

Contact S&N Home and Garden Maintenance

Whatever the situation with your lawn contact S&N Home and Garden Maintenance will visit your lawn for a no obligation estimate for lawn turfing in Dukinfield.






recent project for lawn turfing in dukinfield
recent project for lawn turfing in dukinfield
recent project for lawn turfing in dukinfield